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Development Strategy

  The development strategy of CRM can be concluded as “One, Two, Three, Four, Five” strategy.

  “One” means one orientation: our aim is to build a world-class enterprise which dedicates to the railway transit industry integrated service while developing other relevantly diverse business moderately.

  “Two” refers to two drives: we should deepen reform and promote industrial upgrading and technological innovation.

  “Three” means three markets: we must grab railway market, other market and overseas market.

  “Four” refers to four business aspects: dedicated to railway transit industry integrated service, we are supposed to further develop four business aspects, including integrated supply service of railway materials, comprehensive service of modern logistics, manufacture of industrial products, other business relevant to railway, digging out advantages and pressing deeper research on market segmentation to build our own features and core competitiveness.

  “Five” means five directions and approaches: we should take marketization, capitalization, internationalization, refinement, human-centered as our directions and approaches to promote industrial reform and development.