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Railway Equipment

  As the supplier of Class-A components for locomotives in China, CRM procures and supplies components for producing, refurbishing and maintaining locomotives and automotive materials. We are the sole supplier of imported bearings for production and maintenance of passenger carriages, the sole supplier of H beam for trucks, and the main supplier to manufacturing factories producing planes, passenger carriages, trucks and high-speed trains. CRM, with abundant product resources, client base and resource plants, is also an important partner for railway bureau at all levels. Our products include key components in running gear such as wheel sets, axles, bearings, couplers, buffers and braking devices and materials for manufacturing cars such as H beam, Z-shaped steel, bamboo floor and glasses on high-speed train. The products we supply involve the following areas: high-power electric locomotives, speed-lifting passenger cars at 140-160 kilometers per hour, high-speed trains at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour and above, main-type freight cars of 70 and 80 DWT, urban rail, subway, trains and so on. In addition to our domestic sales, we also export rail vehicles and key components to overseas markets, such as the United States, Brazil, Mongolia and Sierra Leone.