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Corporate Value


  Under the guideline of ONECRM, we stick to the people-oriented principle and respect whoever creates value. CRM puts considerable efforts to reassure our people, encouraging their cooperation, bolstering their confidence, helping them have determination and take perseverance to ensure a smooth transition of the company.

  2.Corporate Vision

  To become a world leading provider of productive services.

  3.Corporate Mission

  To serve as a bridge between production and market demand to achieve win-win outcomes.

  4.Core Value

  Faithfulness, diligence, innovation, win-win.

  Faithfulness: A corporate can only support itself and be stronger with faithfulness. Staying faithful and adhering to laws are not only the most fundamental value for CRM in a long time, but also a frim guarantee for our continuing success. Faithfulness requires CRMers to be down-to-earth, keeping and fulfilling our promises; to equip ourselves with strong execution, to draw blueprint for the company with steady and frim steps.

  Diligence: Diligence is a value followed by all the CRM working staff. Being diligent so that we can always make progress in good times and bad. From the early stages to transformation of CRM, we should keep diligent, combining the values of both the company and our employees to make sure that our people will become competent and our company will generate greater profit.

  Innovation: Innovation is a key factor in our pursuit of brilliance. Innovation requires CRMers to think about ourselves and be determined no matter what happens outside; it requires us to surpass ourselves, promoting the sustainable development of CRM with overall innovation of the system, management and technology.

  Win-win: Win-win situation is the ultimate goal of CRM as well as our social responsibility as a large state-owned enterprise. Railway materials industry is vital to national well-being and the people’s livelihood, so all affiliate companies should be united as a powerful “group army”. In the long run, our success will not only be the result of our own business development, but also the mutual growth of both the company and our staff, the implementation of national policy, the harmony between our business and the natural and social environment, and the sharing of benefits with our clients and partners.

  5.Enterprise positioning

  Based on the railway transit industry integrated service, while developing the other relevantly diverse business moderately.