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  Aiming to be “the provider of green supply chain services”, CRM has been integrating its social responsibility into the company’s operation and management, pursuing the harmony between corporate profits and social and natural environment, as well as the corporate sustainable development.

  Concentrating on railway transit industry, CRM adopts a series of methods, such as applying green service into every part of the industry chain, reducing the cost and wastage, and ensuring the quality and timely supply of materials, to make distinguished contributions in guaranteeing the safety of railway transportation, cutting cost and extending benefit.

  CRM makes every effort to improve its comprehensive service of railway industry, for example, modernizing the circulation of materials, optimizing the distribution of resource, promoting the technological innovation through effective management and innovation of each link in the value chain.

  Adhering to the principle of green operation, CRM is building green comprehensive circulation system, advocating environmental protection in order to establish a whole industrial chain with high benefits, low cost and sustainable development.

  CRM puts people first. It attaches great importance to workers’ communication, encouraging mutual growth of the company and its employees through diverse opportunities for personal career development, better working and living environment and a wide range of activities.

  CRM has been actively doing charity work, for instance, it has participated in targeted poverty alleviation, supported Xinjiang and Xizang’s development, made donations, organized voluntary activities, etc., to repay the society with practice.

  Upholding the corporate value of “faithfulness, diligence, innovation and win-win”, CRM will continue to undertake its social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise, following the future trends of the industry to become an international enterprise with strong core capability that provides productive service, satisfing the demand of its clients and reflecting the hopes of its stakeholders to achieve win-win situation through sharing and cooperation.